How To Make Baby Food With A Steamer And


By Shalini Madhav  | Submitted On May 09, 2017

Baby food should be supplemented at the age of 6 months when your baby requires additional nutrition in addition to mother's milk. Though mother's milk will suffice the needs of a baby till the age of 6 but after that there is a need for additional nutrition to meet the demands of a growing baby.

Since the baby didn't develop a complete set of teeth, digestion of food didn't occur properly at initial stages. Thus to overcome this problem soft purees are prepared so that the food can be easily digested.


Need for blender and steamer?

A blender makes the job easier. Previously in old times there were no blenders so one has to do it manually and the main problem with this manual process was that food was not properly blended. As these foods contain fibrous elements, which are not easy to digest, proper blending is must.

How to make baby food using a steamer?

The work of a steamer is to soften the food so that it is easily blended using a blender. Steamer allows water to absorb into the fruits and thus making them soft. Once this food became soft it is easy for a child to digest them.

  • First initial step involves peeling of fruits or vegetables. These fruits and vegetable include apples, pears, carrots, sweet potato, pumpkin and bananas.
  • Slice the vegetables and then put them in a steaming basket and steam till you can easily stab them with a knife
  • Allow it to cool for 10 min before blending them.

How to blend food using a blender-

Blender breaks down the food into small pieces. This is what our teeth do for us. As children have poorly developed teeth, these blenders facilitate the action of the digestive system by converting the food into smaller pieces or ground form.

After you have steamed all the vegetables and fruits, add them in a blender or food processor and blend them in a medium speed till these vegetables are converted into a puree.

Before serving this puree, add little milk or water to make it more digestible.

Before providing your child with these purees one should consult its pediatricians. It is always better to take advice of a doctor in such matters.

Stage 1 baby food should be thin and runny. These are those foods, which are easily digested, as baby didn't develop its digestive system fully. Never ever replace these foods with mother's milk, as there is no supplement to mother's milk.

There is myth that one should discontinue mother's milk at the age of 6 months and allow their child to completely depend on such purees. But this is really not apt as it may cause several diseases in your child as well as decreases your child immunity.